7 Most Positive Buying Signals from Sales Prospects

Whenever you are in a sales conversation with a prospect, do you feel this uncertainty, not knowing if the prospect is ready to buy? The conversation went well; they haven’t told you “No,” but you also haven’t heard an explicit “Yes” either. How do other people close their deals so confidently? What are they doing differently?

Interestingly, if you know what to look for, you will never have to ask your prospect, “Are you ready to buy?”.
During your sales conversation, the prospect will ask questions to get a better understanding of your offering. We call these buying signals or buying questions.

What is a Buying Signal?

Prospects often buy before they even say a word.
Once the prospect has made up their mind to move forward, they start asking different questions to steer the conversation towards a close.

You might have experienced something similar before. Do you remember a time when you were looking into buying something expensive, such as a car, smartphone, or watch? It’s unlikely you just walked into an Apple Store spontaneously and purchased a new device. Often, you make up your mind days before, convincing yourself to buy this new phone or computer.

Most Common Buying Signals

  1. Questions about pricing
    • “What’s the total price with all these options we discussed?”
  2. Questions about payment methods
    • “Can I pay by Credit Card?”
    • “Do you support a PO/Invoice process?”
  3. Start / Delivery Date
    • “How long does it take to set up my account?”
  4. Terms and Conditions
    • “Can you send me Terms and Conditions?”
    • “Do you have specific Terms and Conditions?”
    • “My lawyer needs to look at your Terms and Conditions.”
  5. Next Steps
    • “Where do we go from here?”
    • “What are the next steps after this call?”
  6. Additional Offerings
    • “Do you have any support contracts?”
    • “What are your SLAs around Uptime/Support/…?”
  7. Warranty
    • “What’s the standard warranty?”
    • “How can I extend the warranty?”

These are some common examples for buying questions to look for, but this list is not complete. Questions do vary from business to business. Therefore, use the list above as a starting point and add your specific buying signals.

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